Thursday, 28 February 2013

Never the same

Going to the office will never gonna be the same.

Our lil pumpkin was behaving so well this morning.
No crying while her babah bathed her.
So calm when I put on her lotion and clothes.
We put her on the rocker and she was closing her eyes, trying to sleep.

It was like...
'Mama...I'm behaving so well this morning. So, could you please NOT go to the office?
Please mama...Please...Please !'


Please pardon your drama queen mama :)
It was hard leaving you like that.
But I`m sure your nenek will take a good care of you.

Mama trying my hardest to pump the milk for you,
though as of now, I managed to get 3oz only :(
But, mama will make sure you get my milk everyday no matter how much it is !