Friday, 19 April 2013

OnceUponATime : Taking things easy

Me : Doc...dulu...masa saya kat klinik XX...saya dapat 1 kali jer shot time pregnant. Doc kat sane ckp to continue second shot kat sini.

Doc : Tak perlu la....1 shot jer dah cukup...die macam booster jer.

Me : Ok...Doc....tangan saya ni macam sakit la....should i be worry?

Doc : biasalah tuh...water retention....nanti saya bagi krim sapu

Me : Ok...Doc....kalau macam keadaan saya ni (34 weeks) ok lagi ke nak travel jauh? cm g penang ker?

Doc : Boleh car ke flight?

Me : Car jer...ok ke doc? biasalah....time ujung2 tahun ni banyak plak org kawen....

Doc : aah kan? sambil senyum...

I think...through out my pregnancy....Things have been ok. So ok until whatever I said/mengadu...
the doc will said...'biasalah tu'.

Dua ke tiga hari balik dari Penang...aku terus terberanak !

Allah knows best. Always.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Mama Baba time

There's always FOODS !
I'm blessed for having a trusted person to look upon my baby,
When I'm outing with Husband.

The trusted person is my mother :)

We've been living together, plus lil bro since I graduated from University.
and after married, Husband stays with us.

Some people don't like to stay together with their parents / in law
maybe because they like to have their own privacy and
wanted to be independent.

For me,
Its because I want to.
My mother is a single parent
and lil bro is currently studying in Pahang...
my other siblings are with their in laws.

Im happy to stay with my mom and she's not fussy.
A lil diva-ish, but that's ok ! hehe.

Alhamdulillah, things have been easy so far.
Everyone in the house knows
how to respect each other's privacy and mind their own business.

What I noticed, after having lil Fea,
Husband and I are becoming more clingy than before.
We cuddled at night, after lil Fea is sleeping
and once in a week...we sneaked out for a date ! hehe.

I feel appreciated and loved more than ever :)
Some people said that those feelings will die after having a kid :(

That does not mean that Lil Fea didn't get her outings at all ~
She's out a lot ok, for the first 2 months....
due to her weekly visits to the hospital (Jaundice)...huhuhuhuhu

We did bring her out, once in a while,
Just to get her familiarized with the surroundings and people.

First experience was not so good but tolerable.
She was crying out loud....maybe she was too tired at that point
We didn't have a choice but to just quickly get out from the mall -_-

~ Our first proper outings @ Paradigm Mall ~
She has been to my husband hometown.
During the 5 hours journey in the car, we survived. Phew
But she was quite restless throughout the stay.
Might be she missed her Nenek and not familiar with the new surroundings.

Thank you my mama
I know you can choose not to take care of Lil Fea
...but still you happily do it.

Alhamdulillah. We love you.

first outing with Nenek also @paradigm mall :)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Lil Fea and Jaundice

What a strong relationship they had.
I`m glad, its finally over.....after 2 months !

After she was discharged from NICU,
We came back for follow up on the next 2 days.
As expected, her reading was high.
Doctor immediately put her on double photo therapy.

1st time admission

on the 3rd day, her jaundice reading went down and we were good to go home.

during her second follow up, her reading spiked up again.
Doc suspected, Physiological Jaundice.
It might take 3 weeks for a preemie to settle down, 2 weeks for normal baby.

This time, doc suggested home based photo therapy.
Considering I`m on confiment mode and need to have lot of rest.

Info & Price :

We rented the machine for 5 days, but since lil Fea didn't really like to be inside it,
It was not really working for her.

Went to see the doctor for the next checkup.
The reading went up. AGAIN.
Doc admitted us. He suspected Breast Feeding jaundice.

The nurses monitor my breastfeeding schedule and her poo poo
to make sure she got enough milk from me.
My breastfeeding schedule and her poo poo was ok though.

After 3 days, her reading went down. Alhamdulillah.

Next follow up, her jaundice reading, maintained.
At this point of time, Doc concluded that it was Breast Milk Jaundice.
I was advised to still breastfeeding her, despite my milk is the culprit.

You could find the difference of the type of Jaundice as below: 
Physiological vs Breast Feeding vs Breast Milk Jaundice

No need to put her under photo therapy anymore.

But, sadly, after that, my milk supply is not enough to support her demand.
I just couldn't catch up. So I started supplement it with formula.
Her jaundice reading reduced tremendously.
So its true, Lil Fea was having a Breast Milk Jaundice.

Each time I got the reading, that's mean Fea's feet was getting poked.

Its was a tormenting experience since I was there, holding her feet.
But that's what got to be done, and she is one strong girl.

Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT ease the journey though at first,
I felt like it was the biggest test I had in life.

The Strong Girl
Fast Forward, the jaundice fully subside after she turned 2 months old.

Happy Cheeky Baby
Wouldn't have the courage to go through all that without the support from Husband.
He's the one keeping me sane.
Going back and forth almost every week (for 2 months) to the hospital
for a first time mother is not something that I prepared for.

For mothers out there experimenting the same thing....
Don't be sad. It only needs time. :)

p/s: By the way, I've tried this thing from Sensei which was known to cured Jaundice
But it was not working for Sofea because She was having Breast milk jaundice...