Wednesday, 22 January 2014

OnceUponATime : Honesty.

At times, I feel its not fair.
I work as much...contribute as much...but at the same time..
I still need to be a wife.

Maybe because I am lazy. Just plain lazy.
And I'm taking advantage of having a very patient husband.

My mum keep on nagging me to change...cause Im now a wife...and going to be a mother!
I need to change my pattern. I need to wake up earlier than him.
Prepare him breakfast...cook dinner for him...
Just be a wife....if not a good wife.

Bluergh !

"so what if you are a graduate? working as this or that? 
do you have any idea how many career women out there who are like you, but better (read :at doing domestic chores) ?"

"what makes you think he's gonna stick with you through all the time?  Love? you are so naive.
What you've got to offer? not that you know how to stay in shape (read:fat)..and don't let me start with your laziness !
you better change....or else. (read: you'll end up like me)"

I guess, my mum is like Joan Rivers when giving marriage advice....

cruel right? but she has been there and done that.
I'm matured enough to know, what I'm doing is wrong and change is a must !

Pregnant or not, shouldn't be an excuse.
I have my responsibilities....and the prior ones are not in the office.
After all, I'm the one who begged him to marry me.

Have you ever wondered, how many other women wanted to be in your position?
To have your loving husband as her's?

To have found my husband is truly a blessing journey of mine.
Every day, I thank Allah SWT....for having a wonderful man in my life.

As a start, I tried to do the things .... seikhlas hati....
and slowly change my patterns

In all honesty....I don't think I'm a bad wife.
I have my strong points and I'd made sacrifices for this relationship...

Ah, Humans !

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