Tuesday, 18 February 2014

At last

I cry, at the toilet room.

Sometimes, I talked too much.
think that I'm good, above average.

Well obviously, I`m not any better than the rest.

Most of the time,
that person doubted me, questioning my capabilities.
always reminding me that at where I am right now, I should be doing this and not that.

Often, I accept sarcasms or criticisms.
I'm that person who could be reprimanded

But today I can't.
Not when he does that in front of other people.
Not when this time, more than twice.

I feel demotivated.
Guess, that's what he wanted me to feel. Good for NOTHING.

I need to vent it out.
So I cry.


Sunday, 16 February 2014

Husband's 31st

I was scratching my head on where and how to celebrate my Husband's 31st.
Either go big or just having an intimate dinner just the 2 of us.

Well, I knew, what ever it is, it gonna involve one stay at a hotel.

I have one place in mind but afraid Husband not gonna like it.
He preferred somewhere around KLCC but we've been there for my birthday celebration last 2 years.

Initial plan was to go to celebrate in Bangkok.
But due to the unstable political scene plus, we are going to bring Fea,
we aborted the idea.

Hotel checked !
Next was a birthday dinner.

I really wanted to go to the Mandarin Grill, Mandarin Oriental KL
due to the great reviews I found on the Internet...
but husband wanted a simple dinner and not to waste money.
We should keep the romantic dinner for other occasion.

Fine then...and thank you Husband for your kind understanding :)

Finally I booked Majestic Hotel KL to spend our night.

We went out at 10.00am and Fea was with her grandmother.
We had a breakfast, go to Pavillion and by 2.30pm we checked in to the hotel.

Our first impression was WOW and it lasted for the whole stay !
We got an upgraded room.
I truly recommend this hotel for a special occasion .
Love it ~

We spent some time together, just the two of us :)
Though most of our conversations were about lil Fea. Haha.

After Maghrib prayers, we went out for a Dinner at The Daily Grind Bangsar Village.
The food were delish ! will come back definitely .

Before coming back to the Hotel, we took Lil Fea.
Been missing her like cray cray ~

Surprisingly, this was what waiting for us at the room...

I did put a note on the reservation that I will be celebrating my Hub's bday.

The next day was our leisure time...
Daddy daughter bonding time 

His Birthday present :