Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Fea's first day in Kindy

To sum it all,

Both of us came back home with a swollen eyes -_-

It was soooooooooooooooo hard to let strangers handle your baby.
I'm not sure how other mommies out there done it...but for was the hardest thing.

All this while, her Granny took care of her...and we all live together.
Hassle free, I have no worries at all.

One day, the kindy @ my office open a slot for new registration and Fea was accepted via voting process. It was hard to get a place and Alhamdulillah, we managed to get it.

We wanted to try this new arrangement, mainly because the no2 is going to pop out anytime soon
and I dont want to burden my mom to take care both of them.

And we believed that it is about time for Fea to join play school to improve her social skills.

Today is the 3rd day Fea @ Kindy and both husband and I are still not sure if this is the best decision.
We are still thinking that she is too small, have not yet able to speak and might be extra clingy since all this while, she had all the attention from her Granny.

My bestfriends advised that sooner or later I will need to face this so, better now.

Findings :
1st day- swollen eyes due to excessive crying I believe
2nd day- i saw a little bump on her forehead. -_____________________- and they didn't even bother to clean up the smudges under her eyes though i put a note to Fea don't use talcum.
3rd day-  today.

Let see how the progress within this week.

Update as of 20th March 2015 :

We stopped sending her to the kindly on 4th day.
Mainly because, on the 3rd day we found another small bruise on her cheek.

I went to the kindy and seek for explanation.
The head/supervisor was very helpful and understanding.
She called Fea's teacher to find out what happened, but she suddenly become defensive.
Keep on repeating she did not know and whatever happened was not in her supervision.
To be honest, I`m OK if those marks have explanations....things just happened sometime...
But, nobody could explain. Seem like no one monitored my daughter.

That's it. We made up our minds.
We are not ready for this.
The granny was even more upset than my husband and I when she saw the bruises.

She's willing to take care her grandchildren. We were so relieved.
Next year, we will try again...and hopefully things will be better.